iosif-trifMy name is Iosif Trif and I am a dude from the region of Transylvania, in modern-day Romania.

My interests include studying the impact works of art and cultural products have on people at a personal and a group level; as well as developing creative works. My main inspirations come from magical realism, romanticism and cave paintings. I basically try to give everyday things philosophical content.

Workwise, I am a Creative Director / Photographer, meaning that I combine many fields in different doses: magazine creation, writing, graphic design, photography, etc. Basically, I execute, coordinate and develop creative projects, mostly relating to fashion and style. Sometimes I also tap into films and web development. I’ve written lots of articles focusing mostly on fashion, art, culture and philosophy. My interests also touch on media studies, anthropology and performance studies.

Hobbywise, I enjoy the writings of Jorge Luis Borges, rugby matches and everything purple.


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    1. Hi Gabe,

      Thank you for the message, it’s great to meet you. I haven’t been to Arad (unless you count train stops in the railway station) in ages. Did you enjoy it?

      Enjoy your time in Bucharest and hope to see you around the website!

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