Growing Holidays

Taking a look around the world these days, one can notice that there are so many holidays happening all the time, everywhere. Not that there were no holidays in the past, but it seems that we are seeing an ever-growing array of holidays.

There’s Pancake Day, Water Day, Mother Language Day and so on. World Thinking Day, International Midwives Day and Towel Day are also holidays marked in the calendar. Also, Universal & International Infinity Day (whatever that means), Talk Like a Pirate Day and World Population Day are also true holidays. In this context, holidays like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day and so on, don’t even seem so strange anymore.

What is most puzzling about these holidays is their reason of being. In other words, if you love your father, isn’t every day Father’s Day? If you like pancakes, do you really need a day assigned for them? Obviously not.

Moreover, we are noticing a spread and rise in the popularity of holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween (if back a while ago, people sometimes threw Halloween parties in Romania, now, in some cities, they are decorating their home entrances with carved pumpkins) and even Black Friday.

The reasons why these holidays are growing in popularity is, in my humble opinion, quite clear. In a world where nihilism is the order of the day, people need to grab and celebrate something that gives them meaning. And, since, especially in the West, religion (especially Christianity) is almost inexistent, holidays like Christmas or Easter have lost their meaning. Yes, Christmas is still a big thing, but for many people, it’s a “family holiday”, where they need to put up with their relatives. And so, since people don’t have anything of true importance to catch on, since they don’t believe in the transcendent anymore, they place value on politics (which is more and more similar to religion) and on holidays based on things that raise emotions in them. All these made-up holidays are just like religious holidays in terms of their structure.

Of course, a little fun and having a nice day with a context does not hurt. But nevertheless, it is interesting to notice that there is a shift in holidays going on and to point out the reasons why it is happening.

There is nothing wrong with celebrating a special event or to paying tribute to that, but we should think twice about why we do the things we do.




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