A History of Weirdos


Being a history student myself for a brief two years, I got to see the concept of history from different angles and in different lights.

What struck me most was to discover the obvious, which is that history, or at least what we understand by it, is basically a cleaned up version of how events happened. And when I say cleaned up, I mean that the stories we know about the past are mostly what the at-the-time ruling class wanted us to know. In other words, chronicles are basically the mainstream version of the presented events. They focus on the movers and shakers, not giving much of a backstory and always presenting the events with a moral underline.

While values and the moral storyline is not the main focus of historical chronicles, one can’t help but notice that history is always revolving around one main pillar, while culture at large is in actuality composed of more pillars.

It is known that history twists its position according to the present’s values and this is what makes me wonder how an enfolding of events would look like from a different perspective.

Weirdos, eccentrics, oddities, free spirits, mavericks, deviants, misfits, dropouts. Call them anyway you want, but these people are a group that has in one way or another always existed and that might have a history of their own. Can you imagine what a version of the past would look like as seen from these guys’ point of view? Not from the mainstream, who looked down to them and marginalized their importance and discredited their emotions and actions, but from their subjective-objective point of view.

Sometimes the questions are the answers, so I am going to leave it at that for now. Maybe the question of how the world looks like from the perspective of rebels is a very heavy one, but it might be one that needs to addressed.


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