Finding a Place to Sleep

It’s been a while since I want to make an exhibition on dreams, sleeping and parasomnia. Somehow, I’d like to do a project around these topics.

The story that I have in mind today does not have much to do with sleep itself, but with finding a place to sleep. In 2015 I think it was, I needed to go to Bucharest for a very important thing. Since I was not living there anymore, I had no place to stay. I had stayed at someone’s house twice already in two years, so I felt I did not want to abuse them and I wasn’t friends enough with my college colleagues to ask them to stay a night in Bucharest. From a conversation to another, a dude I knew told me I could sleep over at his place. We established the details and it was all set. I guess there is no suspense needed: obviously, he canceled the invitation while I was just forty-five minutes away from the city.

Where to go, what to do?

I took out my tablet and started searching for hostels in Bucharest. Besides a certain part of the city, I wasn’t very aware of the city’s map. So finally, I decided to go for something in the area I knew, and I would find my way to the place I had my interview that evening to make sure I would find it. And that’s what I did. Upon arriving in Bucharest, I searched for both my interview place and for a place to stay. I finally found a few hostels in the area I knew and, to make sure they were alright, I searched for reviews on the web.

What I found was bizarre, if I may say so. One reviewer said about one of the hostels that there was blood on the walls. Alright…

I don’t even remember for which one I went, but when I got there it was pretty decent and clean. I found out they had rooms for ten or eight people, at different prices. Apparently, in a room for eight it was cheaper than in a room for ten. I asked how many people were still booked in each room and the girl at the reception said there was just one in each one.

So I went for the cheaper one.

The room was quite OK, furnished by Ikea and all. There were bunk beds and lamps here and there. I went to sleep before anyone coming to the room. Later, some guy came in, we had a quick chat in English and went back to sleep. The next day I wondered whether he might not have been from Romania as well. He had a similar accent to mine. In my opinion, Romanians either have a Slavic accent when they speak English or an accent similar to the Israeli accent. He might have been either from the latter category of Romanians or from the Holy Land. I don’t know…

The next day, my interview went well but ended in a disaster and I went home poorer and feeling snubbed.


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