Photos: Paris Retrospective 2006

I recently checked out some photos I took back in 2006 when I went to Paris for the second time. I was a teenage boy at the time and most of my pictures weren’t great. I did find some nicer ones and added some goofy filters to make them more interesting visually. By simplifying their colors, they look deeper and the viewer can focus more on the … Continue reading Photos: Paris Retrospective 2006

Bad Habits

As a Creative Director, I often see exhibitions, plays and other artistic happenings. Often, I get to talk to the person who is responsible for the project or who has created it entirely. It is always wonderful to discover great art and congratulate the person who made it. Sometimes, I contact artists without them asking me and tell them how much I enjoyed their work. … Continue reading Bad Habits

Photos: Tihuța Pass

The Tihuța Pass, in Romanian Pasul Tihuţa and in Hungarian Borgó or Burgó is a high mountain pass in the Bârgău Mountains, situated in the Eastern Carpathian Mountains. The pass has become famous through Bram Stokerțs novel Dracula, where “the Borgo Pass” represented to the gateway to the realm of Count Dracula. The surroundings however, have nothing Gothic about them: they are composed of beautiful landscapes of hills and mountains and very picturesque … Continue reading Photos: Tihuța Pass