Reality Check

Reality Check or show? Bucharest, Romania October 2018


St. Francis of Assisi Church, Vienna, Austria, September 2018

Definitions and Defining

In philosophy, one must always start out with definitions. Definitions are crucial because they establish the playing field. In the end, we can’t really talk about something without knowing in which limits we are talking about. Before engaging in any philosophical discussion, we must always have a common understanding of the concepts and ideas we…

Social Media as Currency

For the most part of history humankind has been the same. In one way or another, it seems that certain virtues, vices or plain everyday habits seem to be universal. At the same time, it is quite clear that each era has its own distinctive way of expressing these concepts. I once wrote about how…

Home Boy

Brasov, Romania December 2013

Total Eclipse

An eclipse covered by cloulds is a double eclipse. On the (rail)road, March 2015 Romania